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Throughout history and in an alarmingly increasing amount today, people all over the planet have been seeing strange and unusual craft flying in the skies. Paintings and woodcuts from centuries ago depict unknown saucer and cigar shaped craft moving over the landscape. From Ezekiel’s “wheel of fire” to Hans Glaser’s depiction of an aerial battle between differently shaped ufo’s over Nuremberg, Germany in 1561 as well as the “Crucifixion” painting at Svetishoveli and “The Madonna with Saint Giovannino” painting from the 1400’s all depict saucer-shaped objects in the sky.

Despite countless witnesses to these sightings there continues to be very little acceptable “proof” as to what they are. From encounters with the entities that seemingly pilot these craft it is supposed they are of extra-terrestrial origin, travelling to our primitive planet for purposes of their own which they do not share with Terra’s inhabitants.

There have been few official investigations done on these anomalous craft and their occupants – aliens and UFOs, especially in the United States. We are left mostly with the odd juxtaposition that they may indeed be of extra-terrestrial origin but that at the same time they “present no threat to national security”. Clearly someone knows something they are NOT telling the people otherwise one would have to think that highly advanced technological craft would have to pose SOME SORT of threat to our wellbeing.

Couple this with the widespread accounts of people being abducted and experimented on by these unknown beings. That in itself would appear suspicious, especially since later medical examinations have turned up strange “implants” in many of these unfortunate humans. Are there more sinister reasons we are being kept in the dark about just what these aliens and UFOs are and where they come from?

Aliens and UFOsThere are several theories put forth by the civilian population who endeavor to the best of their ability to find the answers to so many unanswered questions. Are we merely the indigenous life forms of a backwater planet on a galactic empire’s trade routes? Since some of the supposed aliens appear to be human as well, it begs the question, are we a lost colony that is not being allowed back into the fold from which our ancient ancestors originated? Could we, as the ancient Sumerian texts claim, be merely a genetically created “servant” race that has outlived its usefulness and been left to provide some further meager purpose we cannot comprehend? More importantly, with the rise of “alien” related entertainment, are we being slowly prepared for the return of our ancient “masters”?

Despite their oaths of non-disclosure, a number of our own astronauts have hinted that rarely does man go into orbit without being accompanied by some “outside” observer stationed some distance from their craft. Others attempt to leak out from the veils of secrecy that ancient civilizations have left relics on our moon and neighboring planets. Have these alien visitors actually been inhabiting our solar system for longer than man has even existed?

Barring a full and truthful disclosure of all our military and national leaders know about these occurrences, we can but examine what accounts and evidence is left to us. While it may be politically correct and much less disturbing psychologically to dismiss all these things as hoax, there are many aliens and UFOs encounters that continue to defy logical and practical explanation. It behooves anyone who cares about their future and the future of our race on this planet to seek a solution to this longstanding mystery. We need more alien information to know where we actually stand in relation to the rest of our galaxy.


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