North Americans by no means have a monopoly on UFO encounters, nor do land dwellers. In 2009 the Russian Navy declassified a vast amount of documents on encounters they have experienced with UFO activity. These encounters have been so prevalent that reports as far back as the Soviet era have been made on a weekly basis to Naval High Command. The department in charge of these reports was headed up by Deputy Commander Admiral Nikolai Smirnov.

from previously classified CIA document on Russian Military Personnel

According to Captain Vladimir Azhazha, former Deputy Section Chief of Exploration for the Oceanographic Commission of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR, “50 percent of meetings with UFO related with the ocean, 15 percent – from lakes. So the UFO apparently gravitate to the water element. Therefore, the naval collection of data on UFOs has special value.” While the first reported encounter with a UFO took place in the Atlantic Ocean, 44% of the Russian sightings have been in the Pacific, 16% in the Atlantic, 10% in the Mediterranean Sea, and the remaining 30% in various other bodies of water, including 15% in lakes, especially Lake Baikal in Siberia.

One report that stands out in the Russian Navy’s UFO encounters involves a submarine of the Pacific Fleet. It had made sonar contact with six unknown objects that shadowed the vessel. Being unable to lose the pursuit the submarine’s Commander ordered his ship to surface, a gross violation of standard combat rules of conduct. Upon reaching the surface, he reported the six objects not only surfaced with his vessel but also then launched themselves into the sky and disappeared.

Russian Navy nuclear-powered cruise missile submarine OMSK (K-186). Credit: US Dept of Defence

Rear Admiral Yuri Beketov, a former nuclear submarine commander, also reported repeated encounters while stationed in the Bermuda Triangle. He said that often they recorded material (solid) objects traveling underwater at “unimaginable” speeds, sometimes reaching speeds of 230 knots (ca 400 KM per hour), which given the pressure resistance of water, he said was contrary to any known laws of physics. With the large number of objects detected, along with the depth (8,742 meters) of the Atlantic-Puerto Rican Rift, he stated that the possibility of an unknown, advanced civilization residing deep under the ocean was a distinct possibility which should be further examined. Veteran Intelligence Navy Captain Igor Barclay stated that such UFO activity often congregated around areas where the NATO fleets would be in operation.

Divers in Lake Baikal, Russia: photo credit Sergei Turchenko, Vasilisa Voinova

Russia’s Lake Baikal is the oldest and deepest lake on the planet at 25-30 million years old, and the second largest following the Caspian Sea. It has had its own share of water based UFO encounters. In 1982 Russian military divers were on a training mission in the Lake when they were confronted with a group of other beings. The alien divers were described as being humanoid but about nine feet (3 meters) tall, encased in tight silvery body suits with no apparent diving equipment other than spherical helmets. This was at the depth of 50 meters (over 160 feet). The Russian divers attempted to pursue the strange beings but ultimately gave up the attempt after three of their numbers were killed and the other four injured.

A few of their reports concerning unidentifiable craft were taken from clandestine surveillance reports of US Navy Fleet activities. During a training exercise off the coast of Puerto Rico, involving an aircraft carrier and five escort ships and submarines, one of the subs broke ranks to pursue an underwater sonar contact. It was traveling at 150 knots, nearly three times the greatest possible speed for a terrestrial submarine, the fastest of which have a top speed closer to 45 knots.

People have been spotting UFO’s diving into and out of the oceans for centuries. Even the modern navies of this world can attest that one does not have to just keep their eyes to the sky to see strange and inexplicable craft moving about planet Earth, behaving as nothing we are capable of building can do.

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