It’s a fact: aliens, alien encounters, and simple stories which just COULD be true, fascinate our imaginations.  Aliens can incite fear, excite knowledge seekers and command the attention of all who come in contact with them. Unfortunately, with as much proof of the existence of Alien life that exists, it still has its detractors and naysayers.

So many instances of correlation between aliens and religion exist, that a large percentage of the world by virtue of their personal beliefs, must acknowledge the information at hand. It is interesting to note that with every major religion having specific versions of encounters, and such a large portion of world population associating with a religion, that doubt still exists.

To a seeker of truth, trying to convince about the existence of alien races, human and alien interactions or alien technology is a bit like a preacher giving a sermon to a choir.  Readers of this website KNOW these things as fact: Aliens exist, they interact with humans, and they have things we want.  But most importantly we have things that they want.

Few alien enthusiasts would feel out of place talking about the ancient connections to alien culture, but have you begun to explore the vast volumes of information that show ancient involvement with some of our various cultures?  Did you for example, realize: Christian prophets spoke of Aliens many hundreds of years ago?  Every major culture of the ancient world has with it associated alien events.  Religious writings spanning centuries have told explicit versions of these encounters.

The obvious correlations are well known: the Mayans and Aliens; Aliens in Sumeria, but do you realize how many other encounters have been written about by religious leaders in books both canonized and not?  It’s interesting because the affiliation between religion and Aliens covers both sides of the debate: those that believe in a God centered existence must rely on the ancient writings in their books for guidance (including mentions of Alien existence and interactivity).  As well, those who abhor religion and avoid basing any of their knowledge on religious context must also view non canonized works as potentially strengthening to the argument for ancient aliens.  Books like the psuedepigrapha and apocrypha give insight into ancient dealings with aliens, and yet are not respected or used by any major religion for the furthering of knowledge.  Such books can give even an atheist some supporting information of alien interaction in the distant past.  Most of the books written in the Apocrypha and psuedepigrapha which mention alien life forms and alien culture are written so distinctly differently than the other books (which are heavy with religious undertones), and yet, are substantiated by ancient scrolls, documents and tablets.

Skeptics from the religious arena tend to say things like: “If aliens exist, they are aligned with Satan…” and “Aliens could not possibly exist, God would not allow it, there must be some other explanation…” and “There are no mentions of Aliens in the bible, it’s simply a miscommunication about the fallen angels from heaven…”

Skeptics from the non religious sphere would say things like: “Aliens don’t exist because the only proof we have is from rednecks, without witnesses, in poor parts of the countryside…” and “The books that religious nuts read, aren’t correct, so even if there are mentions of alien life, it’s unreliable, those books are fabrications from only a few centuries ago…” and “I have never seen anything that leads me to believe that aliens exist, and without proof, I won’t believe…”

Both sides of the argument make interesting points with their skepticism, but no more proof is needed than is already extant that Aliens exist.  The goal in this series of articles about religious ties to alien existence/culture, is to uncover what has existed for centuries upon centuries for truth seekers to examine, but may have been too well hidden under the guise of religion for either side to really explore.

The author has spent countless hours working with people who have experienced encounters, seen things they cannot explain, and have researched beyond the scope of most enthusiasts.  Their work with these people has uncovered some very fringe ideas, which are sure will be of interest to you as readers of UFO/Alien information.

EVERY interview the author conducted, even those with non religious people, touched on religion, and the interaction between humans and aliens with regards to ceremony, ritual, religion and God, or a higher power.  EVERY person had very strong beliefs about Alien impact on our cultures of the world.

The following articles will cover connections between Aliens and Religion.

A list of future articles associated with this topic.

Part 1: Ancient writings and aliens: The non-canonized books.

Part 2: Religious texts: Aliens and God?

Part 3: Widespread Historical texts and the connection with Aliens.

Part 4: Alien technology.

Part 5: Interview with a Mormon and his views of Aliens.

Part 6: Interview with a Catholic and his views of Aliens.

Part 7: Interview with an Atheist and his views of Aliens.

Part 8: Modern beliefs and the changing storyline.

Hundreds of hours of interviews provide content far beyond the scope of this article, but allows a discussion of the possibilities within this website.

The coming posts will explore so much of what is available in the archives of alien research, both from ancient texts, and eye witness reports.  None of these allow for such insight as personal accounts formed over years of research by the people who seek out the knowledge.  To hear one person’s beliefs allows you to make your own determinations as to the truth of such beliefs.

For instance while one religious zealot might believe aliens are not the same thing as fallen angels, another might have had an experience which has convinced him that the ‘nephilim’ are in fact what humans view as Aliens.  The connection to God must lend credence to the notion that Aliens are more advanced than humans to those that believe in God.  In books like the “Book of Enoch” you will see such things as instant knowledge of superior engineering and weapons, shape shifting, even teleportation, and alien crafts.

Egyptian culture, centered on the polytheistic Gods of the Universe, brought about feats of engineering that we can only equate to God or to Aliens.  Cave drawings, carvings, pictograms and other ancient archives show odd looking humanoids performing actions found virtually nowhere else in the history of that culture.

A brief scan of modern canonized “scripture” would show at minimum, an acknowledgement of alien life. But perhaps the most interesting are the opinions formed by the people who devote their lives to specific religions, and the study of the deep doctrines of that religion.  The overwhelming notion across the board is a similar devotion to the understanding of fringe doctrine involving aliens and their impact on the human race.

Some of the encounters the author has experienced (both alien and human talking about their experiences with aliens) would provide you, the reader, at least with food for thought.  Attach the most importance to the conviction which these religious people have when it comes to their alien encounters and beliefs. Not one of the people interviewed (some 45 separate people with over 60 encounters/specific beliefs), deviated from their belief of alien existence.  Even the skeptics, when pressed with their own doctrinal writings by heads of church, prophets and visionaries, could not deny that Aliens have had an impact on their religion, and their beliefs.

All in all, no matter your religious beliefs, it’s hard to dispute the possibility of interactions between humans and Aliens since the dawn of civilization.  This article is just an introduction to the information to come.  Because as all Alien and UFO truth seekers know, it’s not whether the truth is out there, but to what extent.