The British Ministry of Defense, which they insist on calling the Ministry of Defence, closed its department for the investigation of UFOs four years back. The final tranche of UFO-related MoD files declassified and released on 21 June detail how this was because UFOs were deemed to not represent a threat. The MoD’s hotline ceased operations in 2009, despite sightings trebling that year from an average of 150 to 520. Sightings were often close to national landmarks.

When briefing the defense minister, Bob Ainsworth, senior civil servant, Carl Mantell, said that the UFO desk had “no valuable defense output.” In a memo, he wrote that after 50 years, there had been no evidence of an extra-terrestrial threat or even presence. He added that the desk diverted staff “from more valuable defense-related activities.”

Where to find Rendlesham Forest

Where to find Rendlesham Forest

So there is no evidence of the presence of alien vessels. Certainly not in Rendlesham Forest, where lights in the sky were seen at around 0300 on 26 December, 1980. A three-man patrol from the 81st Security Police Squadron was dispatched from the U.S. airbase, RAF Bentwaters, to inspect the scene.

The men saw a small, metallic craft hovering through the trees. At one point, it landed. One man spoke of markings on the craft that resembled Egyptian hieroglypics, which he sketched. There were three indentations in the ground which were observed by police who were summoned. A forester said these were rabbit scrapings and cuts made by other foresters. Official records show that radiation was seven times higher than normal at these points, but then, rabbits are all too often radioactive. And they play with lighters, too, which explains the burn marks found.

The following night, soldiers went to investigate what may have been the crash of an aircraft after more unexplained lights were observed. Voices were recorded by Lt. Col. Charles Halt, the leader of the party. Radios and other equipment carried by the men malfunctioned. They saw a UFO that was “like an eye winking at you… It almost burns your eyes.” The object was triangular and metallic with a flashing red light atop it and an array of blue lights beneath. Nearby animals “went into a frenzy.” Something had been detected on radar at RAF Watton, but to unbelievers, physical evidence is not physical evidence.

UFO quote conveyor belt, Nick Pope, who headed the MoD's UFO project from 1991 to 1994, ventilated that these were trained military personnel, and “You can hear the fear and tension in <their> voices." Rendlesham Forest was, according to Pope, “the most convincing case that the Department had on its files.”

The Rendlesham Forest UFO Trail today. Photo: Draco2008

Dr. David Clarke, who has analyzed all the documents pertaining to UFOs that have been released by the Ministry, remarked that “almost half” of UFO correspondence related to Rendlesham Forest, either requesting information or providing tip-offs.

When questioned about Rendlesham Forest, the Iron Lady, Baroness Thatcher, proclaimed, “UFOs? You can’t tell the people.” But hell, she was only the Prime Minister.

There are no aliens out there. The BBC declined to broadcast live feedback from the Jodrell Bank radio telescope when it was directed at a newly-discovered planet in case aliens made a transmission. And who respects the Beeb?

An RAF pilot who saw a UFO in 1952 told of it to the British Aviation Minister, Duncan Sandys, who is on record as responding that there was “ample evidence of some unfamiliar and unexplained phenomenon.” But that does not mean that UFOs are alien visitors, despite one of the most senior figures within the British defense community saying exactly that.

And there is no evidence of a threat from UFOs. During the Rendlesham Forest sightings, mystery craft shone lights on a weapons storage facility at the RAF Bentwaters airbase close by, where nuclear weapons are believed to have been stored (the U.S. government does not confirm or deny the locations of nukes).

At Malmstrom air force base in Montana in 1967, nuclear missiles were disabled by a “glowing red object” in the sky, as described by Captain Robert Salas, who was present. Salas declared, “It seems to me that these objects are pointing out that we have nuclear weapons and they’re trying to warn us against nuclear war.” But these are only nukes.

In 1970, the jet airplane piloted by Vietnam veteran, Capt. William Schaffner, disappeared when it intercepted a UFO. The airplane was found three weeks later, however Schaffner was absent. But a guy dying does not mean there is any kind of threat.

While the MoD takes no interest, the air travel regulator, the Civil Aviation Authority, does, recording sightings that might affect aircraft safety. While there is ABSOLUTELY NO EVIDENCE of alien craft, the CAA records that some have shown up on radar, not that that could be taken as evidence, oh no.

Perhaps some good may come of the fact that UFOs have been privatized.