An artist's impression of a triangle UFO

An artist’s impression of a triangle UFO

UFO sightings in one region of the United States have abounded. Video of a UFO filmed above Indianapolis on January 7th appeared on the local Fox News affiliate, with the same seen over Detroit and Michigan. Fox correspondent, Ron Savage, said, “This is a talker. Everybody’s talking about it.” The Huffington Post also reported the sighting.

The UFOs were triangular, now a very familiar meme, but with the twist of red and white lights which do not appear to be standard aircraft lights. Savage said that Fox’s Facebook page was “blowing up” with comments. Videos now litter YouTube.

One witness, David Levy, said he had seen other airplanes that same night, but the UFO he saw at 2130 in the company of friends in Flat Rock, Michigan, was not as high. He said the object featured five lights and it was possible to distinguish a triangular shape. Many other people he spoke to saw the same.

A person who commented on Fox’s Facebook page and gave his name as Shaun said he was the first person to call Fox 2 with the news. He spoke of noiseless, black, triangular objects circling West Bloomfield and Farmington Hills, again in Michigan. He also said other people saw what he did. Another party, named as Mario Jackson, said, “I seen it in eastpointe off 9 mile. It was something crazy.” Eastpoint is, once more, in Michigan.

The FAA made no comment, although it would not be aware of secret aircraft as they are, like, secret. MUFON, the Mutual UFO Network, has fielded calls regarding the matter. Spokesman, William Konkalesky, pointed out that spy planes and stealth aircraft were tested before they were made public. Now, there are unmanned drones, which Konkalesky said, “really look strange.” It would perhaps be best to not test ultra-secret aircraft over densely-populated areas when the whole of the United States is at your disposal, including areas off-limits to the public.

If the object seen was the legendary Aurora aircraft with silent engines and immense maneuverability, it would still be pretty newsworthy. Flying triangles have, however, been seen since 1871, according to UFO enthusiasts, when the French astronomer, Ettiene Leopold Troubelot, after whom a Martian crater is named, observed them over Paris.

Fox News’ anchor, Huel Perkins, issued a reminder that the Air Force mounted a 20-year investigation into UFOs but found no proof. He failed to mention that five percent of Project Blue Book’s UFO sightings could not be explained, or that Col. Bob Friend, the director of the project from 1958 to 1963, now says publicly that UFOs are real and Col. Bill Coleman, the chief spokesman of the project from 1961 to 1963, is a believer, having seen a UFO himself while piloting a B-25 bomber in 1955.

At least one bullshit objection can be discounted. Fox News’ Perkins commented, “It’s certainly not a weather balloon.” One profound mystery stemming from these latest sightings is that Nick Pope has yet to comment.